How your fund can participate

LPP has a flexible structure enabling funds to participate in a number of ways:

  • Full shareholders
  • Investors in the pool
  • Pension administration client

Participation is relatively straightforward as there is no requirement for incoming funds to initiate a procurement process:

  • Pension administration services are managed as a Local Government Shared Service initiated under Lancashire County Council’s shared services powers.

A robust governance structure protects the interests of all LPP participants howsoever they are involved. For example:

  • A bespoke service level agreement defines the scope of a shareholder fund’s participation and services to be provided.
  • A shareholder agreement describes matters reserved for escalation to all shareholders.
  • Investors in the pool have a voice through an Investors Forum, which meets twice yearly. This will enable them to participate in discussions, challenge the investment professionals and contribute input to decision making across a broad range of areas (e.g. future ACS sub funds).
  • Pension administration clients have an equivalent communication/participation channel through a Client Forum.

Meet the board and executives

See LPP’s organisation chart and find out more about our board members and executive team.