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As a group, we aim to ensure fairness and equality towards all applicants through objective recruitment practices and family friendly policies that support employees during changing circumstances. This includes flexible working arrangements to support religious and/or cultural events; care for dependants; or reasonable adjustments to support declared disabilities.
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Our values
Our values of Working Together, Doing the Right Thing, Committed to Excellence and Forward Thinking define the way we work with each other and dictate the way we run our business.

These values apply to everyone within the LPP group, ensuring that we’re all treated with respect and dignity.

Whilst our values are not differentiators in themselves, combined with our vision and mission we aim to develop trust and expertise as we build our partnerships, internally and externally.
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At LPP we’re open and transparent about equality and diversity.

Our equalities statement is published annually, alongside our gender pay statistics.

We continually review our policies and procedures to ensure our practices are without direct/indirect discrimination and comply with relevant and current legislation.

E-Learning programmes are completed by employees on an annual basis to remind them of their obligations under our policies.
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Further action
We recognise that we are not where we want to be, as a leading pension services business, and therefore, we have the following actions planned:

    • Developing a Diversity and Inclusion Policy and aligned strategy to ensure equality
    • Reviewing our recruitment strategy to ensure vacancies are displayed on job boards which appeal to those with declared disabilities
    • Developing action plans, based on employee feedback, promoting LPP as an inclusive employer.
Everyone belongs at LPP and we are committed to continually evolving our processes, policies and communication channels to ensure everyone feels that they are treated fairly, with dignity, courtesy and respect.