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Our investment approach
Our model is built upon three pillars:

  • Scale – enables us to access a broader range of investment opportunities.
  • Governance – delegated, independent decision making, and governance structures enable effective investment management.
  • In-house investment and risk management – deep and broad in-house investment expertise across major asset classes in both public and private markets, enabling us to better understand clients’ liabilities and funding needs and to develop appropriate investment strategies to meet these requirements.
Investment management within our partners' asset allocation and risk parameters

Our partner pension funds set their strategic asset allocation and risk parameters, with full delegation to LPPI to invest within that strategy. 

We monitor the liabilities of the scheme alongside investing the assets – an asset and liability risk management approach. 

We allocate client funds to one of our investment pooling vehicles which are usually multi-manager vehicles, some of which includes internal management such as the Global Equities Fund. 

We also overlay internal risk based parameters for each asset class. The investment process is governed within a framework of decision making bodies and clear delegations.

    A diagram illustrating the LPPI investment process