Making a complaint
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Making a complaint
LPP is committed to resolving complaints. Suggestions on how we can improve our service are also welcome.

If you are a scheme member or scheme employer please go to Your Pension and select the relevant fund. You can also call us on 0300 323 0260.

If you have a complaint relating to LPP Investments Ltd (LPPI), please refer to the LPPI Complaints Handling Policy.

If you have a complaint concerning LPP corporate services, please email us. You can also write to us at:

2nd Floor
169 Union Street

You may wish to ask a representative, such as Citizens Advice, to make the complaint on your behalf or to help you with it.

Your complaint will be treated seriously, courteously, fairly and confidentially each time you may have a complaint.

Where possible all complaints will be answered within five working days. Where this is not possible an acknowledgement will be issued within five working days to advise you of progress and an expected timescale for providing the answer.

If at any time you have reason to believe your complaint is not being thoroughly and objectively investigated, you can contact the Group Company Secretary who will ensure that the matter is prioritised.

All complaints are monitored, analysed and appropriate action is taken to improve our service.

Results are reported to the Board as part of the Group Performance Report.

We can often answer a query by explaining the legislation we must operate under. However, we will take corrective action if an error has been made or our service has fallen below standard.
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