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What’s working at LPP like?
Here members of the LPP team share their experiences
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Responsible Investment Analyst 

It’s my job to help LPPI in ensuring Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are applied across the investment process. My role is public markets focused. This means my responsibilities cover our shareholder voting and stewardship processes in this area.

Perhaps not the most glamorous of jobs, but there’s a lot of plumbing required beneath the shiny exterior of responsible investment. By performing my role, I help ensure our responsible investment process is built on solid foundations. The financial industry as a whole is on a journey here and we’re seeing responsible investment becoming recognised as a necessity rather than a nice to have. It’s crucial that the integrity of responsible investment is not lost along the way.

The best thing about doing my job? I get to think about the World’s most pressing challenges every day and there’s no shortage of interesting conversations to be had. 
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Pensions Administrator

Back In 2004 I started to work for Lancashire County Council (LCC) as a Pensions Helpdesk Assistant and progressed to Pensions Caseworker. 12 Years later LCC teamed up with the LPFA and LPP was born.

My current role is as a Pensions Administrator, positioned on the Police and Fire North team. The team administer all areas of the Police and Fire pension schemes including: refunds, transfers, retirements, deaths and Annual Allowance, to name but a few.

I am currently working towards my CIPP foundation degree in Pensions Administration and Management. Attaining excellent grades for my assignments and passing exams is giving me a great sense of accomplishment, while increasing my knowledge. This qualification is certainly going to help me in my role and future roles within the organisation too.

The best thing about working for LPP is the people. I love my team and the people I work with.
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Investments Analyst

Having completed internship programmes in Investment Banking, I joined LPP in September 2019 as an Investment Strategy Analyst.

As part of the Investment Strategy team, I help LPP’s three clients meet their liabilities through high level, multi-asset portfolio management. This involves using a combination of skills to carry out portfolio analysis for current and future investments.

Despite this being my first proper job, I've been included in, and considerably contributed to, client meetings and Quarterly Investment Committees, along with many other internal ad-hoc meetings and projects – not bad for a junior member of staff! My opinions and ideas are always heard, considered and even implemented occasionally!

I appreciate having a varied role that exposes me to all aspects of portfolio management with different levels of granularity and I'm fortunate enough to learn from a fantastic and experienced team.

I am excited to see LPP continue to develop, in the knowledge that I will be part of this process.
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Engagement Officer

I joined the Lancashire County Pension Fund in 2013 so I’ve been with LPP from the beginning. I started on the Pensions Helpdesk and found the regulations fascinating. From there I progressed to the Engagement Team. 

The team provides face to face customer service, liaising with the scheme employers to ensure they provide LPP with the scheme member information needed to get pensions paid. We also speak to scheme members, educating them about the benefits of their pension scheme. Our employers and scheme members range across Local Government, Fire and Police Pension Schemes. 

I am happy to describe my job as diverse, challenging and fun. The worst part is getting lost when I’m trying to find my way to an event – I’ve never had a good sense of direction!

I am most proud of being able to provide an excellent standard of customer service. As a team we have worked hard to do the best for our employers & members and continue to do so.

The world of pensions is always changing and keeping up to date with it all keeps me on my toes!