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Local Pensions Partnership Administration (LPPA)
LPPA, part of the LPP Group, provides high quality pensions administration services to 17 public sector pension fund clients with more than 600,000 members from over 1,900 employers. 

We use our scale and expertise to simplify pensions. Providing value for money pensions services that help our clients overcome the challenges of pension complexity. 

High quality service provision and customer excellence

We provide first-class end-to-end pensions administration services including payroll, and member and employer engagement. Our service consistently exceeds Service Level Agreements and we take a proactive approach to changing administration requirements across the sector.

Amongst the various certifications and accreditations we hold, we take special pride in the Customer Service Excellence Award; we were the first organisation to achieve the award in 2008 – and have been re-accredited every three-years since then.

Collaborative working

We place a strong emphasis on building effective and collaborative working relationships with our clients.

Our approach is based on all participants sharing constructive dialogue and timely feedback to enable us to drive continuous improvement in the service we offer.

Key components of our approach include:

  • A clear understanding of client requirements and expectations translated into a well-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Timely, transparent and comprehensive client reporting.
  • Strong governance processes to ensure funds are compliant with Code of Practice 14 and public sector pensions legislation.
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Sharp focus on data accuracy
Accurate data is the cornerstone of efficient pension administration. We focus on data quality and work with our clients and employers to meet the regulatory and actuarial data reporting requirements.
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Employer risk
Managing employer risk is key in the service we provide to our LGPS clients. Our innovative ‘covenant’ approach helps protect the funds, taxpayers and other fund employers.

We work with all relevant government departments and advisors to reduce employer risk. For example, we've worked with the Department for Education in respect of college mergers where we investigated and reported on the financial viability of several Further Education college mergers. Moreover, we are currently working with the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) in relation to academy pension liabilities.
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Robust risk and data management and business security
We offer a secure, efficient and effective record management environment supported by significant investment in technical expertise.

We have a comprehensive Risk Management Framework in place. This adopts best practice methods in the identification, evaluation and control of risks.

In addition to providing full pension administration services LPPA can also work with you to support one-off projects including:

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