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LPPI's Katya Romashkan joins an Asset TV masterclass on infrastructure
Katya is LPPI's Investment Director for Infrastructure, and is also a member of the portfolio management team for GLIL Infrastructure

In a recent Asset TV Institutional Masterclass, LPPI's Katya Romashkan - Investment Director, Infrastructure - joined a panel of experts to discuss the investment opportunities in the global energy transition, including some new technologies on the horizon. The panellists also shared their views on the risks and challenges of investing in such a highly competitive asset class.

You can watch the full discussion below.

The panellists are:

  • Katya Romashkan, Investment Director, Infrastructure, Local Pensions Partnership Investments
  • Stuart Wright, Director, BlackRock Alternatives Specialists, EMEA
  • Marcus Ayre, Head of Europe, Igneo Infrastructure Partners
  • Pruthvi Odedra, Portfolio Manager, Private Markets, London CIV

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