Credit fund

LPP I launched a Credit Fund in September 2017.


The Fund seeks to gain cost-effective exposure to diverse sources of return linked to global credit markets and credit instruments. It will seek a balanced exposure to the global credit market by investing in a variety of credit sectors including (i) liquid multi-credit strategy, (ii) emerging market debt (unconstrained between sovereign, corporate, hard and local currency), (iii) debt secured on real assets (including real estate, infrastructure and transportation assets), (iv) direct lending to corporates and private syndicated transactions, (v) credit opportunities including distressed debt, opportunities driven by regulation and asset-backed securities.

Global Equities Fund

LPP I Global Equities Fund is a sub fund of the LPP I Asset Pooling Authorised Contractual Scheme managed by Local Pensions Partnership Investments Limited.

LPP I Asset Pooling Authorised Contractual Scheme Annual Report & Financial Statements for the period ended 31 March 2017 is available here.


The Fund invests across global equity markets in a benchmark agnostic manner. Investment is through a combination of direct investments made by the ACS Manager and by one or more delegated sub-advisors and other collective investment schemes. The Fund’s objective is to outperform the MSCI All Country World Index in GBP NDR over full market cycles.

You can view how the Global Equities Fund is performing here.

NAV Price (per unit): £11,147.228

Global Infrastructure Fund

LPP I launched a £1.5 billion Global Infrastructure Fund in June 2017.

The Fund seeks to gain cost-effecitve, diversified exposure to global infrastructure assets, predominately in the UK, Europe and North America. It will invest via primary infrastructure funds, co-investments and direct ownerhship in infrastructure assets. 

Private Equity

LPP I launched a £1.8 billion Private Equity structure in March 2017.

The strategy seeks to achieve long-term investment returns by investing in companies at various stages of the growth cycle (Buyout, Growth Capital, Special Situations and Distressed).


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