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The credit fund seeks to gain cost-effective exposure to diverse sources of return linked to global credit markets and credit instruments. It seeks balanced exposure to the global credit market by investing in a variety of credit sectors including liquid multi-credit, unconstrained emerging market debt, secured lending, direct leading and credit opportunities including distressed debt, 

Launched date: September 2017

Fund size: £1.3b (at September 2017)

Structure: special purpose vehicle

Fixed income

The fund aims to deliver optimal long-term risk-adjusted returns, capitalising on opportunities in the global fixed income market, with a strong focus on capital preservation. It will invest predominantly in higher credit quality, highly liquid fixed income instruments across geographies, instrument types and maturities.  

Launched date: 28 February 2018

Fund size: £320m (at 28 February 2018)

NAV price per unit: £9,952.691 (at 21 June 2018) 

Structure: sub-fund of LPP I Asset Poooling Authorised Contractual Scheme

Global equities

The fund is benchmark agnostic, investing across global equity markets through a combination of internally managed and third-party managed investments. The fund seeks to outperform the MSCI All Country World Index in GBP NDR over the full market cycle.

Launch date: October 2016

Fund size: £5.8b (at 31 May 2018)

NAV price per unit: £11,327.836 (at 21 June 2018)

Structure: sub-fund of LPPI Asset Pooling Authorised Contractual Scheme

Factsheet: click here 

The internally managed equity portfolio represents c.40% of the global equities fund. This internal mandate focuses on large cap companies which we hold long-term. Before the launch of the global equity fund, the £800m+ internal equity portfolio returned c.9.5% in 2015, significantly ahead of the Mega Cap benchmark at 0.01% and the MSCI World Index at c.4.8%. Click here to view performance. 

Global infrastructure

The global infrastructure fund seeks to gain cost-effecitve, diversified exposure to global infrastructure assets, predominately in the UK, Europe and North America. It invests via primary infrastructure funds, co-investments and direct ownerhship in infrastructure assets. 

Launch date: June 2017

Fund size: £1.5b (committed capital at September 2017)

Structure: special purpose vehicle

Private equity

The fund seeks to achieve long-term investment returns by investing in companies at various stages of the growth cycle (buyout, growth capital, special situations, distressed).

Launch date: March 2017

Fund size: £1.8b (at September 2017)

Structure: special purpose vehicle