Introducing LPP

As an organisation with its origins in the public sector, LPP shares the ethos of delivering cost effective and efficient services without a profit motive. You can learn more about our operations and results in our annual report.

Whether it’s pensions administration services, asset and liability risk management orinvestment management and advisory services, we believe there are four guiding principles that drive our success.

  • Client alignment:  everything we do is motivated by delivering success for our clients, not profits for our balance sheet. Any profits not reinvested in the business are returned to clients in the form of lower fees.
  • Strong governance: repeatable processes and clear measurement of everything we do.
  • Sensible investment beliefs: our approach to asset and liability management can help clients achieve sustainable pensions in the long term.
  • Scale through collaboration: enables us to keep costs low and gain access to investments which smaller investors cannot. 

Our People

We have built a team of experienced and knowledgeable people who understand the needs of pension funds and their members. 

  • More than 11 senior investment professionals with more than 13 average years of experience
  • Dedicated pensions administration professionals with extensive experience in public sector pensions administration
  • In-house investment operations team
  • Strong focus on governance including in-house governance team
  • Highly experienced staff, comprising HR, finance, communications and administration functions

Our History

LPP timeline


What we do

Our range of services can assist our partner funds reduce deficits, lower costs and improve outcomes for all stakeholder groups.