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What’s working at LPPI like?
Here members of the LPPI team share their experiences
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Responsible Investment Team Leader

I’ve always been fascinated by the responsible investment agenda from the perspective of a pension fund. They have a long-term horizon but a myriad list of stakeholders and constraints to take into account along the way – forever posing an interesting challenge.

LPPI is in a unique position of working exclusively for a group of pension funds, and local government ones at that. It also manages a wide array of funds across different asset classes and carries out a lot of investments itself in-house. It is a fascinating mix and a great first step into the asset management industry.

Also the team has real talent in it. I knew if I joined I’d be working with some of the best in the industry and would be well supported along the way.
Photo of Julia French, responsible investment team leader at LPPI
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Investments Analyst

Having completed internship programmes in Investment Banking, I joined LPP in September 2019 as an Investment Strategy Analyst.

As part of the Investment Strategy team, I help LPP’s three clients meet their liabilities through high level, multi-asset portfolio management. This involves using a combination of skills to carry out portfolio analysis for current and future investments.

Despite this being my first proper job, I've been included in, and considerably contributed to, client meetings and Quarterly Investment Committees, along with many other internal ad-hoc meetings and projects – not bad for a junior member of staff! My opinions and ideas are always heard, considered and even implemented occasionally!

I appreciate having a varied role that exposes me to all aspects of portfolio management with different levels of granularity and I'm fortunate enough to learn from a fantastic and experienced team.

I am excited to see LPP continue to develop, in the knowledge that I will be part of this process.
A photo of Kiran, smiling.
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Responsible Investment Analyst

It’s my job to help LPPI in ensuring Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are applied across the investment process. My role is public markets focused. This means my responsibilities cover our shareholder voting and stewardship processes in this area.

Perhaps not the most glamorous of jobs, but there’s a lot of plumbing required beneath the shiny exterior of responsible investment. By performing my role, I help ensure our responsible investment process is built on solid foundations. The financial industry as a whole is on a journey here and we’re seeing responsible investment becoming recognised as a necessity rather than a nice to have. It’s crucial that the integrity of responsible investment is not lost along the way.

The best thing about doing my job? I get to think about the World’s most pressing challenges every day and there’s no shortage of interesting conversations to be had.
Paul in a meeting
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Credit Analyst

I joined LPPI's London-based investment team in October 2021. As an analyst of the credit portfolio, I contribute to monitoring current investments worth approximately £2 billion and I support the research and implementation of new investment opportunities. Even though this is an early career role, since my very first days I have been involved and expressed my views in meetings with LPPI's internal and external portfolio managers.

I am delighted to commence my career at LPPI. I look forward to making a positive impact and developing professionally while interacting closely with LPPI's industry experts.
Kleopatra Diamanti, a credit analyst in our investment team
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Head of Management Reporting

I joined LPFA back in 2004, initially working in Employer Risk when a secondment opportunity arose in Finance and have never left!

The business enabled me to study as an accountant and I successfully completed that training over a number of years. As I developed my theoretical knowledge I seized the opportunity to put that into practice and over my time with LPFA, LPP, and now LPPI, I have accepted more responsibility and more interesting and challenging work progressively over several years. This is one of the key reasons I have stayed for so long. I have continued to develop my career over my employment throughout the group and as it's grown. And that still continues now. We are encouraged to work across teams and with individuals at all levels of the company. There’s a feeling for me that if you want to develop and learn then the business will support you.

The people are also a key reason I have stayed with LPPI for so long. There is a really positive culture and a sense that we all want the best for LPPI. And the people are genuinely incredibly nice. That combination is hard to find. Although people are busy they're always approachable and willing to help. You spend a lot of time in an office, working alongside your colleagues, so it's rewarding to work with not only a good Finance team but the wider LPPI team too.
Photograph of Stuart Coleman, finance department