Key moments in our history
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LPP is one of eight national Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) pools, bringing together £21.5 billion of investment assets.

We manage the investments for the pension funds of Lancashire County Pension Fund, the London Pensions Fund Authority and the Royal County of Berkshire. 

We are here to provide excellence in pensions but at a cost which is acceptable to partners - we are motivated by delivery of our service levels and the sustainability of our business, rather than aiming for high profit margins.  
Local Pensions Partnership expertise Icon
Collaboration discussions between LPFA and LCPF
Government mandate to pool Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) assets
Launch of GLIL Infrastructure Fund (LPFA and GMPF)
22 January 2015
Launch of LPP and LPPI
11 April 2016
Launch of Global Equity Fund
2 November 2016
Expansion of GLIL to include new partners
LPP assets under management hit £10.5 billion
Launch of Private Equity pooled vehicle
5 April 2017
London Borough of Havering joins LPP
Launch of Global Infrastructure pooled vehicle
5 July 2017
Kent Fire & Rescue joins LPP
Launch of Credit pooled vehicle
4 October 2017
LPPI Fixed Income Fund launched
6 March 2018
Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund joins LPP as an investment and asset and liability risk client
1 April 2018
GLIL Infrastructure Fund opens its doors to other LGPS funds
24 April 2018
London Borough of Brent joins LPP
LPPI Real Estate Fund invests in Logistics North site in Bolton
GLIL Infrastructure Fund invests in Semperian, the social infrastructure company
5 July 2018
LPPI launches Diversifying Strategies Fund
3 October 2018
LPP wins the LAPF Pool of the Year Award
GLIL wins the LAPF Collaboration Award
LPP assets under management hit £13.1 billion
LPP celebrates its third anniversary
27 March 2019
LPP Investments launches Real Estate Fund
10 October 2019
GLIL Infrastructure Fund acquires wind and solar power portfolio from Cubico Sustainable Investments
12 December 2019
LPP assets under management hit £18.4 billion
31 December 2019
The London Fund completes £100 million first close to stimulate development and enterprise in London
15 January 2020
LPP appoints Chris Rule as CEO
26 February
LPP completes restructure and sets out new five year 2020-2025 Strategy
01 July 2020
LPP assets under management hit £19.8 billion
31 December 2020
GLIL secures further £500 million for UK infrastructure
01 January 2021
LPPI and UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment write to the Prime Minister to discuss decarbonisation
21 January 2021